Final Reflections

With the new year, it being in the final count down before we depart onto the ice and 2 years since I departed Gran Canaria to start rowing the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a perfect time to reflect on everything, go through our final checklists and focus on what the coming months will entail.  The Team Has Landed   Since the 8 of us arrived on the shores of Gran Canaria we completed the row and since our return there have been marriages, Indian Ocean rows, adventures around the world, new jobs and countless more stories. Looking back on it all it’s really quite an impressive and broad list of achievements.  arrival As we head towards the ice we will be thinking of the little goals a long the way as we break the 1900 miles into mentally more manageable chunks. We have been putting the physical, mental and preparatory work in for a while and it’s now time to turn our attentions to the doing bit.  polar hibbert photo 2 So whether you are just starting, in the middle or coming to the end of a plan or New Years resolution all the best with it. Would be great to hear or see some pictures of your own inspiring stories before we head off on our own adventure, like all good ideas anything worthwhile is good solid work.


3 thoughts on “Final Reflections”

  1. Just last night I learnt about the discovery of the Northwest passage in Ran Fiennes’ book. Amazing stuff. Good luck!!! Hope you’ve mastered pissing in a bottle without getting out of your sleeping bag.

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