Food for Thought

A lot of people ask how the trip works, what we will be taking with us and especially what food we will be eating.
The expedition aims to be unsupported and unassisted. The unassisted part means we have to do it under our own power; no kites, dogs or any other method of assistance is allowed. Our dogs are being used solely for warning against possible risks from polar bears. The unsupported means that we carry everything with us from start to finish that we might need.


To achieve this we are taking a huge amount of equipment, fuel and food. Each person will be pulling around the 250kg mark. This is the equivalent of 3 average sized adult blokes on a sled being dragged along.
Or to put this into numbers
260 freeze dried meals
650 maxi nutrition protein bars, black friar flapjack and cake
70 large packs of chocolate buttons
60 packs of Wild West jerky
Then a couple of treats like mixed nuts, wine gums or saucisson.
Drinks include hot chocolate, tea and maxi nutrition shakes.
These do vary between each team member but it gives you an idea of the quantity and volume of the food alone.
This all results in us having 2 rather plump and considerably heavy pulks (sleds) to pull each.

This is heavy on a flat icy surface but when it come to having any fresh powder or the gentlest of slopes then it’s more like a rugby scrummage session. More of either can result in us having to shuttle our pulks along 1 at a time.
Let the pulling commence!



2 thoughts on “Food for Thought”

  1. That’s an impressive payload of flapjacks! I thought my 75 ‘jack order was impressive until I saw this. However, I sit on my arse at a desk all day, which probably burns less calories than pulling a quarter of a ton of gear along on a sled.

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