Atlantic Row 2013

To track us check out the link below:

For a number of years I have been drawn to the idea of rowing across an ocean. I am not entirely sure where the idea first came from however back in February my paths crossed with the very experienced ocean rower Leven Brown. It is safe to say within minutes of meeting I knew I wanted to be part of his crew and promptly signed up.

That was back towards the end of February and since then I have been training towards our aim of breaking the 30 day barrier. This has been described as the 4 minute mile equivalent of ocean rowing.

To achieve this we have assembled a top rate crew who you can check out on the link below:

We all have our own unique background but there is certainly a lot of depth and strength within the team.

Then there is the boat (yet to be named and certainly a great opportunity for a potential sponsor), which has been purpose built for this challenge. I have seen her and she is certainly state of the art in design and built to a very high standard down at Rossiter Yachts.

The final piece is the already mentioned but very experienced captain who has a number of ocean world records to his name and thousands of miles under his belt.

This row is not for the faint hearted, oceans are renowned for creating challenging situation. To achieve our aim will take every member of the team serious physical and mental strength.

The journey is 3000 miles starting in the Canary Islands and ending up in Barbados. The crew of 8 will be split into 2 teams of 4 taking it in shifts of 2 hours, so 2 hours rowing then 2 hours for eating, sleeping and anything else we might need to do before getting back on the oars.

This will continue till the finish…

The Route to Barbados

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