Marathon des Sables 2011

The Marathon des Sables is classed as one if not  “The Worlds Toughest Footrace”.  It lasts 7 days through the Sahara desert covering 151 miles or the equivalent of 5.5 marathons in 40 – 50 degrees with sand dunes as high as Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in the UK).  As a competitor you are self sufficient carrying around 10kg of equipment (although I aim to be a bit lighter than that!) which includes food for the week (at around 2000 calories/ day), clothing, equipment and any other supplies that we wish to cover including flip flops. About 9 litres of water is rationed per day at various checkpoint, so given the conditions hydration is incredibly important.

This is an incredibly difficult competition which is physically and mentally very challenging but one which I am and will continue to prepare fully for as it will be the greatest and biggest challenge in my life to date.

I finished 127th overall, was 15th Brit and 2nd under 25. It was an incredible experience and something I will never forget and always recommend.

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