The North West Passage 2015



January 2015 will be the start of an incredible journey as myself, 2 others and a couple of dogs set out to be the first team to traverse the 1900 miles of the frozen North West Passage, continuing three centuries of Canadian and British exploration in the region and setting a new record for the longest unsupported and unaided polar journey.

To do this we will be dragging sledges, weighing over 200kgs, containing all the necessary food and equipment to survive on the frozen Arctic ocean for four months in some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet.

The North West Passage (NWP), sought by many of the greatest explorers for over 300 years, is one of the most famous stretch of water in the world, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Passage was first sailed by Roald Amundsen in 1906 but the area had been almost completely mapped by many Royal Naval and Hudson Bay Company expeditions including those by Parry, Ross, Rae and Franklin. Sir John Franklin would lose his life in 1847 searching for the passage and in 2014 one of his ships was finally discovered after numerous rescue and later recovery expeditions.
The North West Passage
The North West Passage
The NORTH expedition aims to emulate these great feats and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the Arctic by completing the first ever man-powered journey across the locked sea ice and set the record for the longest ever polar journey.

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3 thoughts on “The North West Passage 2015”

  1. Just found your site and throughly enjoyed reading about your adventures. The Nort West passage is an area of pristine beauty and I for one hope it remains that way, looking forward to hearing about your time there.

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